Actress Busisiwe Mbatha heavily beaten up by her police officer boyfriend

Actress Busisiwe Mbatha heavily beaten up by her police officer boyfriend. Three years ago, when actress Busisiwe Mbatha began dating her policeman boyfriend, everything went smoothly.

But three months later, it’s claimed that she began receiving beatings from her partner from Brakpan in Ekurhuleni.

Busisiwe, who has gained notoriety for being abused by her police partner, discusses some of the close calls that nearly cost her life.

Some might remember her from shows such as The Black Door, The Wife season 1, and Generations.

Actress Busisiwe Mbatha heavily beaten up by her police officer boyfriend

After reportedly attempting to beat her once more, the Brakpan police officer was detained on March 8th.

“I don’t even remember what we were arguing about, but I was shocked that he just beat me up,” said Busisiwe.

When they got into small arguments, the 33-year-old claimed the violence started to become routine, and he would even choke her.

“I’d sometimes miss work because of how badly my body hurt, but I somehow believed we would be okay,” she said.

Actress Busisiwe Mbatha heavily beaten up by her police officer boyfriend

According to Busisiwe, she even ceased communicating with her male friends because she believed that getting beat up was her fault.

However, her partner beat her up after telling her at random that she smelled like she had s.e.x with someone else.

“He once beat me up after I found out he was cheating on me. Instead of apologizing, he beat me up saying I probably cheat, so why was I confronting him.

“That night, he beat me up until I collapsed. I was bleeding heavily when I woke up and realized I had an open injury on the forehead. I then went on my period for about a month and went to the doctor. I discovered I was pregnant and had miscarried,” she said.

She said her boyfriend once beat her up suspecting she was doing something inappropriate with his friend.

“He beat me up in the car and I got out and walked. I almost got raped by a group of men that night, but I managed to jump a wall fence and ask for help,” said Busisiwe.

“There was a time he beat me up because I was tired. In his head, I was tired because I had s.e.x with someone else. When I had to go to work, he said I was avoiding having s.e.x with him,” he said.

Busisiwe opened a case on 2 August 2022.

The following day, the boyfriend’s family member convinced her to withdraw the case, but the case couldn’t be withdrawn.

“I wanted to drop the charges because I knew this would destroy his career. I just wanted him to learn a lesson and show remorse,” she said.

But after being released on bail, her boyfriend reportedly continued to beat her.

The suspect, who is currently in police custody, is a detective stationed in Brakpan, according to Ipid spokeswoman Lizzy Suping.

She claimed that after the cop was detained, the Protea Magistrates Court released him on bail on August 2, 2022. He was prohibited from communicating with the victim as part of the parole terms.

“The woman tried to withdraw the case, but the request was declined by the state. She was informed that gender-based violence and femicide cases cannot be withdrawn,” she said.

The officer will appear in court on 27 March.

“Based on the latest images on social media, IPID has contacted the victim and opened another case against her partner. The new information will be used to apply to the court to revoke his bail,” she said.