AKA Was Allegedly Planning To Ask Nadia Nakai To Marry Him on Valentine’s Day

AKA Was Allegedly Planning To Ask Nadia Nakai To Marry Him on Valentine’s Day.

According to rumors, AKA had Valentine’s Day engagement plans. Everybody who knew the rapper would attest to the fact that he was a hopeless romantic who made every effort to express his love for Nadia Nakai.

According to reports, AKA was considering marriage to Nadia Nakai.

The cute couple, known as the Braggacy, was known for their romantic posts, dinner and lunch outings, and even domestic and foreign travel.

According to reports, AKA wanted to marry Nadia Nakai.

AKA was prepared to advance their relationship, according to ZAlebs, who cited a source close to the couple, before he died last Friday in Durban.

According to reports, Nadia Nakai supported the Fela in Versace rapper when he was having a difficult time after Anele Tembe’s passing. A close acquaintance of the couple claimed Mega intended to propose on Valentine’s Day by kneeling down.

The source said:

She supported him. Took the late-night calls when he was crying and she was there for him. She was the one. He was planning to propose this year. He was hopeless romantic and I am sure by Valentine’s day, it would have been done.”

After the family requested privacy, videos of AKA’s casket being lowered into the ground have become popular online.

More entertainment news: According to Briefly News, Kiernan “AKA” Forbes was buried on February 18 at Johannesburg’s Westpark Cemetry. The rapper was killed on February 10 outside Wish on Florida in Durban by unidentified gunmen.

The nation has been in mourning for a week, and AKA’s family provided fans with a chance to say goodbye at his memorial service, which was broadcast live on television on Friday. On the day of the funeral, the Forbes family merely requested confidentiality.