AKA's Family To Sell His Cars To Cover His 30million Rand Debts

AKA’s Family To Sell His Cars To Cover His 30million Rand Debts. The recent passing of South African rapper AKA has made his extravagant way of life and financial difficulties more apparent. AKA, actual name Kiernan Forbes, was well known for embracing the hip-hop way of life to the fullest, but occasionally he went a little overboard. Because of this, his family was left with a sizable debt after his death.

AKA’s Family To Sell His Cars To Cover His 30million Rand Debts.

Caiphus Semenya, a famous jazz musician who is currently suing AKA’s estate for unpaid royalties, was one of the individuals AKA owed money to. AKA is reportedly demanding 50% of the royalties from two songs that were sampled on his two albums, according to Semenya, who claims that some of his hit songs were included in AKA’s smash albums without his consent.There are rumors that AKA used Semenya’s songs in his two albums without first getting the musician’s 83-year-old permission in writing. It’s uncertain which two albums Semenya is alluding to, though. Despite the continuing legal dispute over royalties, AKA’s music has continued to carry on his legacy.

According to rumors, his family is now preparing to sell his pricey vehicles in order to pay off the debts.

At the most recent Metro FM Awards, the late AKA was nominated for six awards, including Song of the Year, Best Hip Hop Artist, Best Male, Best Collaboration Song, Artist of the Year, and Best Music Video. His impressive discography, which consists of four studio albums, 42 songs, one EP, and 23 music videos, is a testament to AKA’s legacy.

Despite his success, AKA struggled financially because of his extravagant lifestyle, which eventually caused his family to inherit debts after his untimely death. Even for those who are fortunate enough to experience tremendous success in their line of work, AKA’s story serves as a lesson in the value of fiscal responsibility.

The tragic conditions of AKA’s passing—he and his former manager Tibello “Tibz” Mostoane were shot dead in front of a restaurant on Florida Road in Durban—only heighten the melancholy of his tale.

Fans all over the world will continue to be moved by AKA’s music, but it’s essential to keep in mind the artist’s true self and to draw lessons from his experiences.