AKA's new single and album to be released

AKA’s new single and album to be released. In memory of the deceased star, AKA’s next single Company and album Mass Country will be released as scheduled.

On Friday, the song Company, which he co-wrote with Kiddominant, will be made available. The song was recorded last month in Los Angeles. As requested by the rapper, Mass Country will be released on February 24 digitally.

AKA, born Kiernan Forbes, was shot and died in Durban last week. Prior to that, he was keeping track of the album’s release date in days.

AKA's new single and album to be released

Nhlanhla Nivo Ndimande, manager and co-executive producer of Mass Country, shared: “The team was extremely blessed to work so closely on this project with Kiernan. We spent a lot of time mapping out this rollout and creating all the content we have under his direction. Kiernan worked tremendously hard on this project. He put his heart and soul into it, and we were blessed that Kiernan got the opportunity to map out this entire rollout and approve all the elements, so what will be coming out will be as per his direction and his vision. We thank the Forbes family for their faith in the entire team working on this project.”

Sean Watson, managing director at Sony Music Entertainment Africa, said: “Our hearts are broken. We’ve lost not only an icon but someone who was dear to us as a member of the Sony family. Our thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones as we all traverse this difficult time of mourning the loss of a dearly beloved and respected artist. All of us at Sony Music convey our deepest sympathies and condolences to his family, friends, the Megacy and South Africa.”

Raphael Benza, AKA’s long time friend, advisor and business partner at Vth Season’s, said: “Kiernan worked very hard on this project. The energy and the expectations from the Megacy fueled him to make a masterpiece. We are delighted, even at our saddest moment, to share the music he left behind for us for eternity.”