Annie Mthembu Finally Addresses Cheating Rumours

Annie Mthembu Finally Addresses Cheating Rumours. Star of the Real Housewives of Durban, Annie Mthembu, visited Engineer Your Life, Lungelo KM’s YouTube account. (EYL). The reality star spoke candidly about her detractors on the program, accusing them of spreading falsehoods to damage her reputation.

Annie Mthembu Finally Addresses Cheating Rumours.

Annie addressed the allegations of infidelity that have dogged her relationship with entrepreneur Kgolo “DaGuru” Mthembu. She accuses a particular cast member—whom she chose not to name—of spreading false information about her.

DaGuru was allegedly having an affair with fitness model Sbahle Mpisane a few days ago, according to rumors.

“There are evil, toxic, dangerous people who clearly have a personal agenda against – in fact who are out to destroy me. At some point I told production that I didn’t feel safe because they were meant to make sure that they bring people who won’t put us in danger on the show.”

Annie then spoke about the time she had an abortion, “I felt so guilty and ashamed, I was scared of God and stopped praying because I thought that what I did was unforgivable and God wouldn’t accept it.”

“I know I make things about my husband a lot, but Kgolo saved me. I had completely given up on my relationship with God and he helped me find myself again and find my connection with God. He was the first man that made me stop feeling guilty and feel fine about the decision to have an abortion.”

Sbahle Mpisane called the rumor “fake news” and refuted dating married man Kgolo. Kgolo and Sbahle were reportedly seen holding hands at the Capital Pearls Hotel, according to an IG user. With Annie and her spouse, Sbahle addressed this and said it was untrue.

“I don’t know why and how my name is involved here,” Sbahle Mpisane wrote.

Annie responded and said, “SMH [shaking my head] yah neh.”