Author reveals how he turned down AKA's proposal to write a book about his life story last year

Author reveals how he turned down AKA’s proposal to write a book about his life story last year.

Khaya Dlanga, a former author who is now a socialite, is the last to tell a tale he once shared with the late Kiernan “AKA” Forbes. Dlanga claims that the rapper contacted him last year (11 February 2022) with a proposal to write a book about his life.

Khaya Dlanga describes how challenging it was to write about his encounter with the rapper, with the rapper’s consent to share his tales with the Forbes. AKA contacted Dlanga and suggested that he write a book about his life. The hesitant Dlanga was against the idea, but it was the day they met and the inconsequential things that were said during their discussion that worried Dlanga.

On the evening o f the 11th of February last year, we ran into each other at Souk Cape Town. he said he had been meaning to talk to me and was glad we ran into each other. He said he wanted me to write a book about his life. “Anything can happen”. Of course, I got a little worried when he said that because my mind wandered because of how I lost my brother” wrote Khaya Dlanga

They met twice on the same day in Cape Town, according to Dlanga. The first time, he mentioned his plan to have his book penned in passing. When they reconnected at the second spot, the conversation finally took off.

Dlanga describes how they spent the evening at the club screaming in each other’s faces and yelling over the loud music. Dlanga repeatedly refused to accept the deal and remained adamant about doing so. In an effort to sway him long enough for him to alter his mind, AKA continued to sing his praises as the talented writer that he is.

“Bro, I respect you, and I want you to do it. You have credibility, and you know how to write. I wouldn’t be asking you if I didn’t mean it, and I am not asking you because I am at the club drinking. In fact, I will call you in the middle of the day so that you realize I am serious’ said AKA

AKA genuinely cherished both his personality and his artistic ability. His book would cover a variety of topics, including being a crossover performer as a rapper of color.

“I want it to cover coloured identity. I am the first coloured hip-hop crossover artist. I am accepted by the blacks, coloured and white communities in SA. I want to cover the fact that I went to St. John’s, not many people know that” said AKA

Khaya Dlanga questioned AKA about the title of his book, and Dlanga remarked that it took him a solid two minutes to sit down and consider it. He eventually got to his feet and announced the name of his novel, Infamous.

Infamous, Yes, it would be in brackets. As in ‘inside fame’ because I live in fame and everything I do is in it” ended AKA