Bonang Addresses "Bullying" Accusations On "Young, Famous & African"

Bonang Addresses “Bullying” Accusations On “Young, Famous & African”. One of the most anticipated television, primarily streaming, events on the calendar finally arrived on Friday, May 19, 2023. This is due to the fact that it was the start of season two of the well-known continental Netflix original reality series Young, Famous & African.

Undoubtedly, a significant factor in the excitement was the news that beloved media personality Bonang Matheba would be joining the season’s new ensemble. However, it soon became clear that while the viewing audience may have been happy to welcome Queen B* to the series’ world, this excitement was unfounded.

It appears that the other actors were not as excited to see her. Nadia Nakai, who has a former partner in Matheba, as was rumored, or the rest of the cast. Surprisingly, Khanyi Mbau did not enjoy Matheba’s introduction. This incident has given rise to the theory that Khanyi may have been envious of Bonang.

However, Queen B*’s quick participation and unexpected exit from the show were due to their previously hinted-at “beef” with Namibia’s Luis Munana. The characters implied that Bonang’s well-known bullying tactics were ineffective because of this reality.

Bonang Addresses “Bullying” Accusations On “Young, Famous & African”.

The longer trailer for the new season has hinted to the conflict between Bonang and Luis. However, the source of the friction became clear after viewing season two of Young, Famous & African.

It first appeared that the reason Luis had a problem with Matheba in the beginning was a result of Swanky Jerry propagating a lie.

Nevertheless, when the two first met, it was clear that Luis preferred Fantana to Bonang. With her undoubtedly undeserved rage, Matheba immediately gave the impression that she could have been a little envious of the fact.

She was therefore informed that during her altercation with Luis, she did exhibit traits of a bully. In response, Matheba offered an “apology.”

But it does appear that the apology was only half-heartedly intended. This is due to the fact that when Matheba was questioned if she had any plans to return to the reality program after her “short visit,” she made it clear that it seemed unlikely.