BREAKING:Actress Nolwazi Ngubeni, Mbali from Scandal shot dead.

Actress Nolwazi Ngubeni, Mbali from Scandal shot dead. The reason for Scandal’s sudden popularity is without a doubt the role of Mbali, played by Nolwazi Ngubeni. We can all agree that Mbali performed her character well as an ambitious and cunning actress.

Sadder news is that Mbali is leaving Scandal! on television, which has devastated Mzansi as many people had grown to love her character.

On February 15, Nolwazi Ngubeni will hold her final casting call, a trip she calls one of her “biggest delights.”

Without a doubt, the Scandal character of Mbali, performed by Nolwazi Ngubeni, was the reason the show had recently attracted such a large audience. We can all agree that Mbali did credit to the ambitious and cunning figure she portrayed. But on a sadder note, Mbali is saying goodbye to etv Scandal!, breaking the hearts of many Mzansis who had grown to love her character.

The actress will have her final casting call on February 15; Nolwazi Ngubeni describes it as one of her “biggest joys” in her career.

“Being on Scandal! has been one of the greatest joys of my career. I truly appreciate the immense support the producers, cast and crew have shown me. As I prepare to take on the next phase of my journey, I walk away with fond memories. Thank you to all the viewers for watching and consistently supporting my work. Onwards and upwards,”

‘Nolwazi Ngubeni’ Mbali Kubeka leaves the etv Scandal!

The actress expressed gratitude to Mzansi and her followers for facilitating her time on Scandal! She thanked her followers for supporting the character of Mbali and expressed her hope that Mzansi will continue to do so for her next work.

The multi-talented actor will continue her career as a casting director in the upcoming season of Mzansi Magic’s serial Umkhokha while also playing in a future project that has not yet been revealed as she exits Scandal!

In other news, Mbali “nailed” her character on the show, according to Scandalhead! writer and creative producer Grace Mahlaba. She continued by claiming that Nolwazi is a gifted actress who, regrettably, manages to outperform herself in every part that she is cast in.

Nolwazi added depths to the character that were a pleasure to witness on screen as she handled the weight of Mbali’s plots with passion and determination. The Scandal! crew is appreciative for Mbali Kubeka’s time with us and saddened by her departure.

Reasons for Mbali Kubeka’s departure from Scandal as “Nolwazi Ngubeni”

Nolwazi didn’t get fired from Scandal; instead, she quit the program to look into other entertainment-related chances.