Cassper defeated by Naakmusiq in boxing match

Cassper is DEFEATED by Naakmusiq in boxing match
Cassper is DEFEATED by Naakmusiq in boxing match

After months of using the hashtag “#Naakhimout”, Cassper Nyovest ironically emerged as the loser in his celebrity boxing match against rap rival Naakmusiq on Saturday night in Sun City.

The stars faced off in the highly-anticipated “fight of the year” in front of a crowd that included fans, celebrities and the South African boxing fraternity.

The duo engaged in a heated and energetic five-round fight, with judges ultimately making the tough call to rule in Naakmusiq’s favour.

Cassper and Naakmusiq’s fight ended off the “Celeb City” evening of events which included several professional boxing matches prior to theirs.

Despite rumours of the match being “rigged” for Cassper to win, it was clear that both stars gave as good as they received when it came to tough blows.

Naakmusiq – whose real name is Anga Makubalo – admitted to “never boxing a day in my life” prior to the match. Cassper, meanwhile, had previously emerged as a winner in his first celebrity fight against YouTuber Slik Talk in December 2021.

Because the match did not yield any knock-outs, the winner was decided by the scorecards of a trio of Boxing SA judges.

“We brought music and boxing together”, Naak triumphantly told the crowd.

He added: “It was a tough fight, definitely. I didn’t think it would be easy and it wasn’t. He [Cassper] gave it to me”

Naakmusiq revealed what ultimately ruled in his favour was the words of his trainer – Xolisani “Nomeva” Ndongeni to “not lose steam”. Ndongeni initially was the trainer for Cassper before switching sides to his opponent.

The 34-year-old also claimed that he had learned a “great deal of discipline” from boxing.

Appearing less confident than how he entered the match, Cassper sheepishly confessed to the crowd: “This was not rigged. He definitely won”.

Many fans – and even the night’s official commentators – claimed that a rematch should definitely be on the cards.

And surprisingly both contenders agreed to it.

Speaking of his performance, Cassper said: “It was very challenging. He [Naak] took a lot of big shots and he carried on. He really came and brought it and I didn’t expect that from him”.

Addressing the crowd, he added: “I’m up for a rematch”.