Couple accused of murdering two boys from Soweto abandon bail

Couple accused of murdering two boys from Soweto abandon bail. At the Protea Magistrates’ Court, emotions ran high when the mother of the late Nqobizitha Zulu flung something at the defendants as they were leaving the courtroom gallery. Before the police brought the distraught mother back to the detention cells, the accused, Nqobile Ndlovu, stood and shamelessly gazed at her.

Ndlovu and her partner Mthunzi are accused of killing and mutilating Nqobizitha and Tshiamo Rabanye, two boys from White City, Soweto.

Nomthandazo Zulu, the distressed mother, told Zimoja that when she tried to convince her family that Ndlovu was likely responsible for the children being missing, they refused to listen to her.

“I told my father that Nqobile, who is my aunt, knows where the children are. He refused to listen and told me that we would find the children. Even when they told me that the body of Tshiamo was found in a dam in Rockville, I decided to take a walk and look for my own child and I found him lying dead in a pool of blood with stab wounds. I wanted to hug him but I heard his voice speaking to me saying I must not because I will mess up the evidence. So I let go and just stared at him the whole time until some people found me,” she said.

She continued by saying that even after the incident, she had one person in mind and had told her family about it, but once more no one had paid attention.

“I am angry I want to ask her what my child said to her when they stabbed him. I knew it was her the whole time. My ancestors are never wrong and I hope she suffers. She has done this to a lot of children including her own, she’s evil and I hate her.”

According to Phindi Mjonondwane of the NPA, the first accused will soon face additional charges. She stated that she is unable to provide any additional information about that at this time.

“At this stage we are glad that the accused have abandoned bail as we intend to oppose bail as the state. However, we are aware that their bail application will proceed as soon as legal aid has all the details about the matter,”said Mjonondwane.