180 Church Celebrate Recovery

180 church celebrate recovery is a biblical and well-balanced program that helps you overcome any trauma wounds, hang-ups, and habits that you’re struggling with. Our programs revolve around the actual teachings and words of Jesus Christ rather than psychological theory. Therefore, if you want to discover the power of our program; stick around to learn more!

180 church celebrate recovery

What is 180 Church Celebrate Recovery?

180 church celebrate recovery is a biblical-based healing program that was designed to aid those struggling with past traumas, hang-ups, and habits. We help people heal by showing them love the powerful love of Jesus Christ. What’s more; 180 church celebrate recovery is a safe and confidential place that has both men and women share groups. We are geared to help you jumpstart the healing process and ultimately enjoy the freedom of healing. All you need to do is to trust God and show up to our healing meetings and start the healing process today!

How to join 180 church celebrate recovery?

How It Works

Normally, 180 church celebrate recovery meetings usually start in a large group setting coupled with worship, testimonies, and teaching sessions. From there, all members separate into either gender-specific or open share groups. During such sessions, all the participants are encouraged to share teaching and work through life issues together. Those looking to address a certain issue on a deeper level, are encouraged to join extra groups. Mostly, they are requested to join a step-study small group.

Additionally, these groups function through the 180 celebrate recovery participant’s guide that’s based on the Christ-focused 12 steps.

Join us today to discover the true power of 180 Church Celebrate Recovery!

Join us today to discover the true power of 180 Church Celebrate Recovery!

Why Should You Join 180 Church Celebrate Recovery?

What’s unique about us is the fact that we help people overcome their hurts, hang-ups, and habits through a 12-step Christ-centered recovery process. Basically, 180 church celebrates recovery in a Christ-focused ministry to encourage worship. All the participants in our program have attested to having experienced and celebrated God’s healing power as they walk through the road to recovery.

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Recovery Process?

Join 180 Church Celebrate Recovery

The time taken to complete our 12 –step recovery process is typically between 6-9 months. At 180 church celebrate recovery, we use four participant books that will guide you to heal all your hurts, hang-up, and habits. Since healing through a step study is a long-term commitment to the participants in the group, healing is based on this notion. Therefore, if you’re searching for a legit and Christian- based healing program, 180 church celebrate recovery is the perfect solution for you!