DJ Bongz Denies Being Broke

Dj Bongz denies being broke. Bongani Dlamini, also known as DJ Bongz, is a well-known music producer from Durban who refuted accusations that he was homeless. The DJ has shot down suggestions that he is no longer relevant, having given Mzansi multiple chart-topping tunes including Sobabili, Ofana Nawe, and Sobuye S’sbonane.

Dj Bongz denies being broke

In the music business, DJ Bongz has undoubtedly had a successful career, and his tale of rising from poverty to riches is motivational. Chris Brown gave him endorsements for his song Ofana Nawe in 2016, which gave rise to the recognizable international dance known as Gwara Gwara.

Dj Bongz denies being broke

Despite his recent relative inactivity in the industry, the artist insists he is still relevant. The DJ attacked critics who are circulating untrue rumors about his claimed down-and-out state in an interview with Daily Sun.

“I’ve heard rumors about my so-called down-and-out status. I don’t know why people find it so right to spread lies about people without getting the facts first. That’s unfortunate and sad,’ he told the publication.

The DJ continued by saying that he has money and is not in debt. According to him, he is concentrating on his company and promoting his amapiano smash, Syalo.

Recently, DJ Bongz spoke up to Zimoja about his numerous sources of income outside of his music business. He claimed to be a “businessman with millions of rands in wealth.

“Lies! I hear people saying that I’m down and out. They do not know that I am a businessman who is worth millions of rands. My formidable business is buying and selling cars. My source of income is not only music. I also do events which make people wonder how I am surviving since there is a lot of competition in this industry,” he told the publication.