Dj Zinhle post about AKA shocks Mzansi

Dj Zinhle post about AKA shocks Mzansi. Together, co-parent parents, co- parents, co- parents, co- parents, DJ Zinhle and the late Kiernanan Forbes ( (AKA)) Kiernan Forbes ( ()) set new standards for their co-parent approach approach.

His influence is evident in One Over Her’s moving ode to the late rapper, particularly in terms of advancing the fatherhood discussion.

This got us to thinking about her wonderful parenting partnership with AKA. As she hunkered down for her cover story interview, she offered some wise counsel to co-parents.

Dj Zinhle post about AKA shocks Mzansi.

Fans had differing opinions about her relationship with her late baby daddy AKA, with some thinking that she still harbors emotions for him and others thinking that Kairo, their daughter, was the only thing that kept them close.

However, people began to question if the rumors about Dj Zinhle having feelings for AKA were accurate after she mentioned him in a recent post. Here’s what she wrote:

” 11 years of @erabydjzinhle, 11 years if knowing Kiernan ”

This post left people feeling sorry for Dj zinhle’s current baby daddy, Murdah Bongz.

After paying homage to the legendary musician, she pleaded with him to help her and Bongani (Mohosana) raise Kairo by making a “prayer” to the Almighty.

She wrote: “Kiernan, I am so sorry that you have been robbed of your time with your daughter, with @nadianakai, Steffan, your mom @lynnforbesza , dad and all of us.

“I would give anything for Kairo to have more time with you, Kiernan. The thought of her asking questions breaks me. What do I do when she misses and needs you?

“Please watch over her and plead with The Almighty to guide Bongani @murdahbongz and I as we raise our daughter.”