DJ Zinhle’s Husband Murdah Bongz Not Attending AKA’s Funeral Cause A Stir

DJ Zinhle’s Husband Murdah Bongz Not Attending AKA’s Funeral Cause A Stir.

Details of the memorial service and funeral for the late rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes were revealed in a statement that was seen by SurgeZirc SA on Tuesday.

“We as the Forbes family would like to acknowledge the past outpouring of love we have received over the past few days. Kiernan wasn’t just loved by us as a family but by the nation, as we’ve seen from loved ones, friends, industry colleagues, media tributes and The Megacy

“It is our wish to celebrate the life of Kiernan with those he touched and impacted through his music, his memorial will therefore be open to the public as well as streamed online,” the statement reads.

You can read the statement below for yourself: “We’d also like to acknowledge our extended family, the Mohosanas for their unwavering support during this time, As Bongani Mohosana will be in absentia at the memorial and funeral due to observing cultural protocol.”

What’s that? Many people were curious as to which culture they were witnessing. Others felt bad that the family had to even acknowledge it so that people wouldn’t make assumptions.

Others even went so far as to claim that they knew Zinhle was the author of the statement and that it was self-indulgent of her to mention her husband in it.

Here are some of the reactions:

“Someone educate me on what the cultural protocol is thats preventing Bongani from attending both the memorial and funeral?”

“In Pedi culture, I don’t know how to properly explain it, but you can’t attend the burial of someone who was once intimate with your current partner coz “you will follow”. Some lady I know couldn’t attend her sisters funeral because she had a secret affair with the late husband”

“I now believe this letter was written by Dj Zinhle that Mahosana and Bongani statement was unnecesary”

“really unfair that they even had to note that bongani won’t be in attendance cause they know how y’all move on here.”