Dr Nandipha Magudumana Files For Motion Of Unlawful Arrest And Abduction

Dr Nandipha Magudumana Files For Motion Of Unlawful Arrest And Abduction. The Free States High Court has received a motion from Dr. Nandipha Magudumana’s attorney requesting that she be freed from custody. Dr. Nandipha was wrongfully arrested and kidnapped, among other conditions, according to the motion.

According to reports, an urgent motion application for Dr. Nandipha’s immediate release has been delivered to the Free State High Court. This occurs after she submitted two bail applications, the second of which was also unsuccessful. The first application was abandoned.

The motion requirements include being illegally arrested and kidnapped in Tanzania, thus Dr. Nandipha’s attorney is working around the clock to have her set free.

“Declare the apprehension, arrest and abduction of Nandipha in Tanzania on 07 April 2023 and the subsequent transportation to the Republic and purported arrest and detention be declared wrongful and unlawful” read the statement

“To declare the arrangement before the current Magistrate in the criminal case nullified and set aside the proceedings against Nandipha.” read the statement

“To direct the orders and warrant by Magistrate whereof head of Bizza Makhado DCS (Bizzah Makhate Department of Correctional Services) detained Nandipha to be null and void” read the statement

To declare that Nandipha is entitled to be discharged from detention and direct the head of DCS at Buza Makhadzo (Bizzah Makhate Department of Correctional Services) to immediately discharge Nandipha from further detention. The issue is before the Free State High Court on Thursday 25th May 2023″ read the statement

Mzansi Reacts:

“Does it count that she skipped the country illegally 😩 she can’t get away with this aibo! She also did sign for the dead bodies 🤷🏾‍♀️ can’t they keep her in for that”

“Sometimes I wish for a dictator around here coz ninezimanga ezingaphaya kwezimanga”

“This free for all is problematic honestly coz what rubbish is this from someone who knew exactly what they were doing?!”