Dumisani Dlamini On Being Doja Cat’s Father

Dumisani Dlamini On Being Doja Cat’s Father. Dumisani Dlamini is one of the seasoned performers who received their first film role in the acclaimed movie Sarafina, which was based from the play Sarafina, which was inspired by Youth Day. The seasoned actor later assumed the role of Chester on the popular late 1990s series Yizo-Yizo and went on to become the cunning main villain.

His fame among millennials and members of Generation Z, however, probably stems from the fact that he is the biological father of American pop sensation and style icon Doja Cat.

Given this information, it would appear that the actor was unable to elude inquiries about his famous daughter when promoting his major part in the upcoming Showmax original Mkhonto.

Dumisani Dlamini On Being Doja Cat’s Father

The next Showmax original movie Mkhonto, in which Dumisani Dlamini will play the lead role, is now under production. The premise of the film is shared in the official statement which explains:

“Mkhonto, premiering on Showmax tomorrow, Friday, 26 May 2023, (will see) Dumisani stars as Chief Siviko ka Vaka, ruler of the fictional and mystical kingdom of Eziqwaqweni.

The tyrant is threatened by Celani, (who is played by young and talented actor Bahle Hadebe from Black Tax… and young Shaka in the upcoming Shaka: King of the Zulu Nation), a herder boy possessed by the spirit of an 18th-century king, who is determined to reform his once-great kingdom and right the wrongs of Chief Siviko. ”

Dumisani was cited as expressing his delight for his forthcoming role, which would see him return to our screens, by saying:

“I want people to remember that “indlovu iyabulawa intuthwane” (an elephant can be killed by an ant).

This movie takes us back to where we come from. It shows us our way of living in the past and who we are, in case we have forgotten. In this movie, people must watch very closely and learn how our culture goes deep.”

As this is his first time playing a villain, Dlamini explained how this character differed from the others he has played.

“Look, personally I know I’m a good person; you can ask anyone and my family.

But I don’t think I can play a priest and still be honest. I can play a priest in a church and steal money. I can play a role where I am a sweet person but playing a villain is where my strength lies. This is where I believe I nail it the most.”

Considering that he is the father of one of the most well-known music stars today. It appears that he could not avoid answering the question. As such, Dumisani shared:

“I’m so proud of her for what she has achieved. I’m not surprised, because it’s in the blood. In fact, all my kids are very talented. I think South Africa as a whole should be proud of such a great talent coming from us.”