Emtee Calls Out Bolt For Allegedly Hiring Ex-Convicts

Emtee Calls Out Bolt For Allegedly Hiring Ex-Convicts. The e-commerce originally known as Taxify, which is now more generally known as Bolt, is one of the most well-liked e-commerce lift apps in South Africa. Uber, which was probably the safer of the two for a while, is the closest e-commerce lift app to it.

Today, it would appear that both apps came with considerable risk, mostly for female riders. Particularly if the passenger did not share their live location with anyone before boarding the service. As a result, it was not surprising when Emtee became the most recent ZAleb to criticize these meal delivery and e-commerce lift apps.

Emtee Calls Out Bolt For Allegedly Hiring Ex-Convicts.

Emtee has a history of venting on his Twitter account. It doesn’t matter if it’s about his former record label Ambitiouz Entertainment, his marital problems, or just to promote his songs. As a result, it came as little surprise when he attacked Bolt on Twitter.

“@boltapp why do u guys have ex cons as drivers? he tweeted

The response was the typical reply, which does not offer much of a resolution other than to try to reply, as is the standard protocol with the app. Emtee appeared to be even more incensed as a result, lashing out once more and accusing the app of intentionally hiring ex-cons and s*xual offenders.

Producer-DJ and entrepreneur Shimza was another artist to recently criticize Uber on social media.

At the time, his grievance were reported as:

“It seems that even our ZAlebs are not exempted from the recent scam conducted by Uber drivers. Specifically, Uber Food drivers. This is as Uber Food will confirm your order, confirm the driver and that they are picking up your meal.

They will share the driver driving to your location and confirm his arrival. However, upon going to meet your driver to collect your food, you find that they are not there.

When attempting to call the driver, they ignore your calls. A tell-tale sign that they have driven off with your meal. As Uber does not provide cash refunds and even if they did, they are not immediate. Therefore, your choice is to starve or order food again and decide to either trust the next driver or fetch it yourself.

This is what almost happened to Shimza with his KFC meal. However, the beauty of staying at an estate, the driver was prevented from exiting the estate when he attempted to drive off with the meal.

Upon confronting the driver, he lied and asserted that Shimza cancelled the meal while knowing that he could get away with the meal because this was his last trip for the day. “