Family, friends and colleagues bid farewell to Paul Herbst

Family, friends and colleagues bid farewell to Paul Herbst.

The late Medi Response head Paul Herbst’s family, friends, and coworkers paid tribute to his well-lived life as a devoted husband, father, and member of society.

Paul Herbst’s burial was held yesterday February 28, at Grace Family Church in Ballito, in the province of KwaZulu-Natal.

The frontline worker who was killed in the line of duty and who had a zeal for saving lives was honored by close family and friends.

As the family entered the church carrying the coffin to start the funeral, emergency service personnel gathered outside with sirens activated as a show of respect for a colleague in the field.

Paul Herbst was frequently remembered by his peers and coworkers as a brave, compassionate, and strong individual. He is referred to as a family guy as well, despite the fact that he cannot be everywhere at once. He made an effort to strike a balance between his family, friends, and job, but because it was his favorite of all of them, work always seemed to come out on top.

The beauty of it all was that Linda never competed against Paul’s passion and purpose.


A visibly shattered Linda took the podium to speak about their adorable love story of more than 20 years.

The pair laid their eyes together at an emergency scene when an ambulance was summoned for Linda’s friend. Linda was drawn to Paul’s demeanor, but she didn’t notice it until the two had left the house after their common friend had set them up on a date. The two, in a romantic manner, never glanced back until their current separation due to death.

“Paul and I will always be soul mates, we have a love so deep that very few people will ever get to experience and I’m so grateful to have had that with him.”

“Paul was a hero to everyone, but to me, he was my guy, my person. The only person that I ever wanted to run to when I needed help. I shared him with the world, could never and would never compete with his passion and purpose,” she added.

“I knew him like no one ever could on the planet. I will use that knowledge to make sense of all of this. My Paul, my soulmate I will never ever love another human being the way I ever loved you,” Linda lamented.

Shortly after his return from the search and rescue operation in Turkey, Paul Herbst passed away.

On Tuesday, February 21, Medi Respond, the business he oversaw, posted a social media announcement about his passing.

The Herbst family is still in mourning even though Paul has been put to rest.

Sevaughn Herbst, the son of Paul Herbst who sadly perished in a motorcycle accident on February 25, will soon have another funeral.