How Thabo Bester conned the elderly in his primary school days

How Thabo Bester conned the elderly in his primary school days. Thabo Bester has been branded as a r@pist, murderer, escapee, con artist, abuser, and liar, among other things.

The primary school teacher of the Facebook rapist at Laerskool Danie Theron in Johannesburg’s Kibler Park claims that while his classmates were learning to read and write, he was honing his extortion techniques — Zimoja reports.

How Thabo Bester conned the elderly in his primary school days

According to Bester’s teacher, he leveraged his low socioeconomic status to persuade people to buy him books, a school bag, or bus fare. He was then residing with Johanna Bester, his maternal grandmother.

Bester reportedly started abusing other people’s goodwill from a young age. He started skipping class to con others outside the building.

His teacher claimed that in addition to mothers, Bester also targeted the elderly.

An elderly man who created a bank account and raised money on his behalf was one of his victims. According to reports, Bester took the money out of the old man’s bank account without his knowledge or permission. He was not present and had spent the day in Eastgate Mall when the old guy reported him to the school.

“There were no signs of being remorseful and I knew then that one day, he was going to do something major that would land him here,” the teacher explained.

Stealing from the age of four

But that wasn’t his first criminal activity. IOL reported in October 2011 that the infamous murderer and r@pist began his criminal career at the age of four.

According to Nelléne Louw, a businesswoman in Kibler Park, the convicted felon was only four years old when he told his grandfather, Abel Bester, that she had given him the enormous sum of money he had been discovered with.

“There was a knock at the back door and there stood a grandfather and this small boy. The old man asked if I had given money to the child. I said no,” said Louw.

At the age of five, he allegedly stole a bottle of coins from the Ferreira family who were his grandparents’ employers in Eikenhof.

Thabo Bester’s escape and arrest

The article was released two months after his murder of Nomfundo Tyhulu, a saleswoman and his then-girlfriend, in Cape Town. He was given a life term in jail in November 2012 for the r@pe, aggravated robbery, and murder of Tyhulu as well as the other two women in Durban. A wave of rapes and robberies were also committed by him in at least four provinces.

Bester and his accomplice girlfriend Dr. Nandipha Magudumana were apprehended in Tanzania on April 7 after staging his death in a fire and fleeing from the Mangaung Correctional Center in May of last year.

Bester is being held at the Pretoria Kgosi Mampuru II C-max jail and will show up in court on May 16. The famous doctor will make another appearance at the Bloemfontein Magistrates Court next month after being denied bail on April 17.