Inno Morolong WANTED by police

Inno Morolong WANTED by police. Olwethu Magudumana, a well-known club host from Durban, KwaZulu Natal, was allegedly assaulted by Mzansi club hostess Inno Morolong.

A lawsuit against Morolong has since been filed by the club hostess after it was claimed that she struck the woman on the head with an alcohol bottle.

She suffered serious wounds, and since the event, viral photos of her have been going around on social media.

The incident reportedly happened in the early hours of Monday morning at Maracana Club in Sandton.

Even though Magudumana insisted that she was not to blame because the incident occurred at Morolong’s table, sources indicate that a scuffle caused the incident.

“I did not fight with her, she attacked me. I was at my table with my friends and I saw Innocentia shouting at the people she was with, the fight was about a bill she did not want to pay.

I went closer because I wanted to see and properly hear what was happening and she jumped at me with a bottle, accusing me [of] filming her,” said Magudumana.

However, Sunday World has it that upon reporting her case, Magudumana was informed that Morolong had been reported to the police on multiple cases, but victims ended up withdrawing the charges. No doubt this is not the first time she has been making news for the wrong reasons

Morolong distanced herself from the incident and declared that she had not been a part of any club fight after it happened. She even said that the cops may question her at any time.

She has constantly been reported as being on the run, so it appears that is not the case.

The police have indicated to Sunday World that she is still at large and has not yet been apprehended. Colonel Dimakatso Nevhuhulwi, a police spokesman, verified the incident.

Colonel Dimakatso Nevhuhulwi said: “That is an assault with grievous bodily harm case (GBH) opened for further investigation. The suspect is not yet arrested.”