Intaba yaseDubai gets a job to make ends meet

Intaba yaseDubai gets a job to make ends meet. Intaba YaseDubai, a singer and composer, is pausing his musical career. The vocalist for Imali Eningi, real name Lindokuhle Msomi, declared yesterday that he will divert his attention till further notice.

Intaba quit the contentious Ambitiouz Entertainment last year because he was only being paid R3700 per month, according to him.

He announced it on Sunday via his social media accounts and stated that he will focus his efforts on creating.

“I wish you to know that I love you all the time. I have trusted you till today, in everything we went through together I just wish you believe me when I say I don’t blame you and the experience was amazing. You taught me how to be strong. I appreciate you. As you know we have built ourselves a lot of enemies. Even our lifestyle has changed. We now seek for protection 24/7 because they want to keep us as slaves forever. Let’s take a break. It’s time to accept we have failed, let’s try something else and move on in life. To everyone who loved and supported me from day one, know that I love you and I’m not giving up but I have to start something new in order to survive. I’m still available for performances. To projects I have promised you, wish to put them on hold till further notice,” he posted.

Intaba further said that he got himself a new job to make a living. “I got my self a job. I promise you one day if ever we will be free from this jail we are in, I’ll give you music as I won’t stop recording since I love writing music. For now let’s accept another chapter in my life. I have a lot of work as a director at 3Point7 Ent and I hope you will support our new kids as they about to take off. God bless you for building me to become this man I am now. And I would like to say thank you for your support. It’s time I go back behind the scenes where my heart has always been,” he said.

Intaba and Ambitiouz Entertainment are currently engaged in a legal fight because Intaba wants them to free him from a contract that requires him to release four albums through them.