Jessica Nkosi biography:She was born on 20th January 1990 in Empangeni, South Africa. She is a South African television presenter and actress known for his role as Qondi on Isibaya.


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She start schooling at Empangeni and later moved to Eshowe to attend a Catholic boarding school from Grade 3 until she matriculated. She enrolled at the University of KwaZulu Natal to study Bachelor of Law but later switched to Bachelor of Arts in Drama and Performing Arts.

She was visiting a friend when an old friend from Joburg, called asking for her photos and details, which he wanted to submit to a new TV show. Thereafter, the production house called and told her they’d be holding auditions at the Bat Center in Durban. Since her home is in Esikhawini township, in Empangeni, and more than an hour’s drive from Durban, Jessica had to arrange to sleep over at distant relatives in Durban. The audition was for the role of shy but self-assured rural beauty, Qondi on Isibaya. Isibaya was her first acting role and she has been on the show since 2013.



Jessica Nkosi Biography Summary

South African actress
Jessica Ayanda Nkosi is a South African actress and TV presenter, best known for her leading roles in M-Net commissioned telenovelas Isibaya and Ayeye. Wikipedia
Born: January 20, 1990 (age 30 years), Empangeni, South Africa
Education: University of KwaZulu-Natal
Children: Namisa Dlamini
Parents: Nhlanhlayethu Ntuli, Jabu Nkosi

Jessica Nkosi Age
She was born on 20th January 1990 in Empangeni, South Africa. She is 28 years old as of 2018.

Jessica Nkosi Parents
Her mother, Nhlanhlayethu Ntuli, was a teacher and her father at the time of her birth was living and studying overseas, he met her when she was 10 months.

Her parents separated and Jessica asked her mother to let her go to a boarding school in Eshowe where her father lived. Her father later died from a rare cancer Hodgkin’s lymphoma when she was in grade 11.

Jessica Nkosi Boyfriend | Jessica Nkosi Husband | Jessica Nkosi Marriage
Her boyfriend was Khaya Mthethwa before they broke up on allegations that he was cheating on her with Kelly Khumalo: allegations that were never denied or admitted.

She is not married therefore she does not has a husband. In Isibaya the legendary actor Vusi Kunene played her husband.

Jessica Nkosi Photo

In June 2016 she shared a picture of her with a baby on Instagram with a caption “Babies bring such peace… I love this little angel of mine. And I love being her mom even more…” The baby wasn’t her’s but her friend’s. As of 2018, she is expecting a baby.

Jessica Nkosi Awards
Best Actress during the YOU Spectacular Awards.
Jessica Nkosi Television Roles
aYeYe (Season 1) as Eve.
Isibaya (Season 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5) as Qondi
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Jessica Nkosi News
PICS: Baby shower number 2 for Jessica Nkosi
Updated: 2018-08-06

Jessica Nkosi was dressed in a bright pink figure-hugging dress as she celebrated baby shower number two with friends.

The star, who announced her pregnancy in June through her True Love cover, had her first star-studded baby shower in July, just days after revealing that she is expecting a girl.

With a pink theme once again, baby shower number two seemed just as much fun as the first.

“My second baby shower… What a gathering… So much LOVE. So much GOD… I had to cut my THANK YOU speech short so I won’t flood the place with my tears… I’m always so overcome with so much gratitude,” Jessica wrote about the event.


Jessica Nkosi Interview
What was your childhood Ambition?

Jessica Nkosi: To be a doctor, then a lawyer, then an actor lol.

Who influenced your life?

Jessica Nkosi: Many people influenced my life, my father, my mother. God…

Your educational background and life in varsity?

Jessica Nkosi: I was in boarding school for all of my school years actually, from grade 3 till matric. then from the went to university at UKZN Pietermaritzburg Campus where I graduated with a BA in Drama and Performing Arts.

What was your first job?

Jessica: I was a promoter.

Jessica Nkosi: I eat relatively well, and healthy lol. and I jog, jogging helps me lose weight.

How religious are you?

Jessica Nkosi: I am very religious, i believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I believe in the power of prayer.

What is your source of happiness?

Jessica: Prayer, my family…

What other projects did you get into during your hiatus from Isibaya?

Jessica Nkosi: Theatre. Presenting. and focused more and grew in MCing and Hosting events.

Should fans expect a longer run for Qondi with her back on-screen ?

Jessica Nkosi: I don’t know hey, I don’t know, we’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

What in today’s society is a cause of concern?

Jessica Nkosi: Definitely the abuse of women, the number of women that are being raped and killed is ridiculous. as a female one does not feel safe in this country anymore. Also the number of woman being killed by their partners is alarming, who then can we trust. The mindset of some men needs to be changed drastically.

What are you passionate about?

Jessica Nkosi: Im passionate about children, and making sure that they have a good education and making sure that they are comfortable and fed and happy to be in school. And I’m doing something about it, I’m making a difference where I can.

What is your ultimate driving force?

Jessica Nkosi: Wanting to make my family proud. Making a name for myself that generations after me can benefit from

What experience did you take from hosting OPW?

Jessica: I grew in terms presenting, I found myself. I learnt a lot from the families that invited me into their homes. I learnt patience, because it was long hours. I learnt to be compassionate. I can relate to people and that helped me a lot during my time on OPW.

What can you not do without in a day?

Prayer, My cellphone.

What are your biggest achievements?

Jessica Nkosi: My biggest achievements, basically everything I have achieved. I don’t take being in this industry as nothing. This is my dream and I’m living it and still have bigger dreams and I know that those will come to fruition as well. Being in the industry is an achievement, being on Isibaya is a blessing, Being ambassador for Clinique is a huge achievement, hosting OPW, Hosting BET and I could go on and on but basically everyday that I achieve something I set my mind is is big in my eyes. its important to celebrate everything in life.

What do you prefer between acting and presenting?

Acting… that is my passion. That is my first love.

Are there any other acting gigs in the pipeline your fans should know about?

Of course they are…


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