Katlego Bereng’s family has rejected the police report that says Katlego collapsed in town.

Katlego Bereng’s family has rejected the police report that says Katlego collapsed in town.

According to a tweet from a user going by the handle Man’s Not, Katlego Bereng’s family has questioned the police report that claims Katlego passed out in town, was taken to the hospital, died from a blood shortage, and was then taken to the government morgue where Dr. Nandipha may have claimed his body. Murdered was Katlego. Police officers are lying.

He stated something, and others responded in a variety of ways. According to Ntombi, she believes that the man was murdered in prison—possibly by Bester. Because they were unaware of Katlego’s whereabouts until lately, his parents are going to further confound matters when she inquired about how the body reached the prison grounds.

Katlego Bereng’s family has rejected the police report

They claimed that a few weeks ago, it was reported that the dead was killed by being struck on the head with something heavy, according to the results of the postmortem examination. But today they claim that he passed out in the town.

Kamonciaga asked, “Who gave the South African police the right to send Katlego’s body to a government mortuary knowing very well that Katlego was reported missing?” The minute they found him, they should have contacted the family, as they do have a report that Katlego is missing and his family is looking for him. One of them said that he has a suspicion that the police and DCS are lying and are trying to avoid being sued for millions. In any case, how did it take them a full year to do DNA with Kat’s mother? What made them think, “Ok, maybe this is her son?” How did that spark light up in their heads?

They claimed there are too many unanswered questions, and they demand clarification. Who are the police officers, physicians, medical facilities, and other allies who assisted these criminals in escaping from prison while simultaneously murdering that young man? They declared that the law must detain everyone who helped, as they did not accept the narrative that they killed him.