Kay Sibiya Breaks His Silence Following R@pe Allegations

Kay Sibiya Breaks His Silence Following R@pe Allegations.

After being accused of r@pe, Imbewu actor Khumbulani Kay Sibiya eventually breaks his silence. The manner in which Sibiya went on to share both Lady Zamar and Lerato Molio on his Instagram story is shocking.

As a result of the damaging accusations made against Imbewu actor Kay Sibiya, social media is still a hive of activity. This comes after Zukiswa “Zookey Zarling,” a former radio host, criticized Sibiya on social media for reportedly drugging and raping her back in 2014.

Kay Sibiya Breaks His Silence Following R@pe Allegations

Sadly, he has not responded to the shocking allegations that have been leveled at him. Instead, Sibiya shared pictures of socialite Lerato Moloi and singer Lady Zamar on social media.

Given the histories of both Lady Zamar and Lerato Moloi, Sibiya’s cryptic response to the r@pe allegations is extremely calculated. Despite the fact that Sibiya’s response to the accusations was brief, the posting of Lady Zamar and Lerato Moloi suggests that he is allegedly the subject of lies.

In 2020, Mzansi learned about Lady Zamar’s rape allegations against singer, Sjava. Both Lady Zamar and Sjava were dating and back in 2017 Lady Zamar mentioned that while out in Limpopo after a concert she was allegedly r@ped by her boyfriend, Sjava.

A r@pe and s*xual assault case was started, but later the charges were dropped for lack of proof. Numerous Sjava supporters banded together to torment, slam, abuse, and correct Lady Zamar after the charges against Sjava were dropped.

Nearly three years later, Lady Zamar is still the target of cruel harassment, particularly on social media, where a large number of people have accused her of lying about Sjava.

Lerato Moloi, a former sports presenter and model, has also accused comedian TallA$$Mo of sexual abuse. Lerato Moloi accused TallA$$Mo of sexual misconduct in 2014 during a star MasterChef season. TallA$$Mo was found not guilty by the court in August 2022, and Mzansi first learned of the allegation in 2020.

Lerato Moloi was called a liar for continuing to make “false” accusations against TallA$$Mo after the contentious podcast and Chill With MacG featured TallA$$Mo.

The fact that Kay Sibiya posted pictures of these two women shouts that he is being accused of lying. Zookey Zarling, however, has criticized the performer on social media. Zookey Zarling continues to stand by her story, and as a consequence of the alleged r@pe, she gave birth to a child.

“This is my story and the truth about my Daughter Zia-Mia how I was r@ped then she was conceived then someone claimed otherwise and my other 2 kids…Telling it myself I’ve been quiet about it for the longest time; How he was sent to kill me first He drugged and r@ped me, then when I woke up found an expired cond0m inside of me. So now I do not care even if they try again to kill me when I tell my story – Pastors/Drug lords and some. Today I tell it as rough it is about Khumbulani Kay Sibiya” wrote Zookey Zarling