Lerato Kganyago's fans write a petition calling for Musa Khawula's arrest

Lerato Kganyago’s fans write a petition calling for Musa Khawula’s arrest. He is infamous for making cruel remarks about famous people and frequently gets away with it. His ongoing criticism of media star Lerato Kganyago has led to her supporters taking matters into their own hands. In an open letter to the ministers of justice and police, they demand that they take action against the contentious blogger Musa Khawula.

The two ministers are urged by the letter—which contains Khawula’s personal information, such as his ID number and banking information—to take action against Khawula, who is suspected of viciously stabbing and killing a man in March 2022. Lerato has previously come under assault from Khawula on social media, who frequently calls her Bonang Lite and untalented. He said Lerato had an affair with a married politician earlier this year and added that the politician’s wife had called her to order since she was expecting.

“Your uterus that can’t carry children had you have 10 miscarriages,” Musa wrote on his Instagram stories. Lerato called Khawula a ‘vile and disgusting’ human being, accusing him of causing her to miscarry ten years ago.

Khawula was scheduled to appear before the Vredenburg Magistrates Court in the Western Cape on January 26, 2023, and March 8, 2023, according to the letter, but he failed to show up and no arrest warrant was issued for him.

“He continues running an unregistered media business on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok while extorting money and cyberbullying the South African community. He is extorting South African public figures, politicians and celebritie using the account,” read the letter.

The letter further alleges that although criminal proceedings have been filed against the accused murderer Khawula and money has been paid by innocent victims who are being taken advantage of, no arrests have been made.

“The South African Police Services, SARS and the minister of police have ignored all of that… until Khawula kills another person and continues to bully a number of high-profile people. The bank statements show amounts from R5000 to R180 000 to remove posts that are involving high profile names,” further reads the letter.

The letter also includes banking information for where the money is being paid and further claims that he is the subject of multiple police complaints.

Musa Khawula continues to destroy families and cyber buying South Africans in his publicly known “social media pages” that even Twitter deleted due to a number of abnormal cases reported against him on cyberbullying and nudity that he shares on social media,” read the letter in part.

Chrispin Phiri, a spokesman for the minister of justice and correctional services, acknowledged receipt of the letter. “We have referred this to the National Prosecuting Authority for authentication and we await their report,” Phiri said.