Londie London Gets The Same BMW X6 Nkosi Confiscated

Londie London Gets The Same BMW X6 Nkosi Confiscated. Since her public split from the father of her two children, Hlubi Nkosi, Londie London has become the subject of jokes. Due to the widespread perception that she was destitute, the former Real Housewives of Durban reality star became the target of many jokes.

Additionally, there were claims that she was a pedestrian at the time. A fact that emerged after it was disclosed that her ex had taken her expensive BMW X6 when Londie moved back to Johannesburg after their marriage ended.

But now it seems that Londie has had the last laugh in the entire situation.

Londie London gets the same luxury car Hlubi confiscated

Londie seems to make it obvious on her Instagram stories that she wasn’t upset with her ex for taking her BMW X6. She opted for violence instead, believing that “revenge is the best policy.”

In particular, Londie demonstrated that she had received a new white BMW X6 rather than the original black one. She expressed gratitude in the caption to her “love.”

Her fans and followers congratulated her on her win following her story.

“True definition of ‘confuse the enemy ”

“Londie is bouncing back like nothing happened 😭😭🫰🏽🫰🏽🫰🏽Love that for Her!!!”

“Londie London emancipated herself and her two small kids from a loveless relationship full of emotional abuse,financial abuse and endless cheating.She then launched a successful brand based business and found love in one year.We have no other choice but to stan!”

According to the well-known site Saltry Entertainment Juice, Londie has apparently found love in the arms of a man named Mabonga, who is thought to be a con artist who defrauds people of their money.

Bottom line, Londie London has proven she doesn’t need a man as she can take care of herself. We wish her all the best in life.