Londie London Is Back To Being A Pedestrian reportedly

Londie London Is Back To Being A Pedestrian. Londie London, a former Real Housewives of Durban star, allegedly started walking again. This follows claims that Hlubi Nkosi, Londie’s ex-fiancé, has removed the BMW X6 he had given her for emergencies back.

Following her split from her ex-fiance, Hlubi Nkosi, Londie London has been mocked, made light of, and publicly ridiculed. Londie London made an appearance in the most recent season of the Real Housewives of Durban to clear the air regarding her friendship with Nkosi.

Londie London Is Back To Being A Pedestrian

The public also learned through the grapevine that Hlubi Nkosi was reportedly dating someone else while still dating Londie, which is what caused their relationship to end. In essence, Londie said Hlubi was a lone parent while criticizing her for failing to support the kids.

Twitter users are on the edge of their chairs after seeing an Instagram screenshot of the newest with Londie and Hlubi. Hlubi Nkosi reportedly gave Londie London a vehicle for use in case her kids needed it, according to an Instagram user. Londie was provided strict guidelines, including the requirement that she only use the car for the benefit of the kids.

“Londie London is back to being a pedestrian after her baby daddy Hlubi Nkosi took his BMW X6 after Londie rebuked the conditions of having the car. Hlubi gave her the car as the guardian or stay parent of their children so that that kinds don;t get inconvenienced and Londie was strictly told that the car should only serve the interests of the kids and not for her to go around gallivanting or partying in Jozi” wrote an Instagram user

However, it is said that Londie London attended a party at the Houghton Hotel one night with a friend. When they left the venue, she later discovered that the car was no longer in the parking lot. According to reports, Hlubi Nkosi stole the vehicle from Londie London against his desires and in violation of one of the requirements for receiving the vehicle.

“Ms Londie thought Hlubi was joking… in January 2023 she attended a party at the Houghton Hotel. When she and her friends were ready to leave at night they discovered that the car is no longer there (at the parking. Londie was left jaw dropping and in disbelief that Hlubi really meant what her said” added an Instagram user

According to reports, Londie London has no desire in bringing up the car with her ex-fiance and baby’s father. She has chosen to relinquish control and trust God.

Ms Londie refused to confront Hlubi and will not ask him to bring the car back” wrote and Instagram user” ended an Instagram user

Tweeps have slammed Hlubi Nkosi and proceeded to label him as the devil for what he is accused of doing to Londie London.

“Yho ha a Hlubi is a demon” wrote Zwidist