Makhadzi reacts to rumours of being arrested by SA police

Makhadzi reacts to rumours of being arrested by SA police.

Makhadzi responds to reports that he has been detained by South African law enforcement. On Boxing Day, December 26, hours before her performance, the singer supposedly had an unspecified reason for her arrest.

Makhadzi reacts to rumours of being arrested by SA police

The hitmaker said she was not arrested on her Facebook page. Makhadzi thought some detractors propagated untrue rumors to discourage people from attending her show.

“I can see allegations of me being arrested, to all my fans please stop entertaining the lies, no Police came to arrest me, and I haven’t received any papers. I am safe and free as iam speaking now, I am eating my Christmas at rehearsals room, preparing for my show for tomorrow 26 DECEMBER at GIYANI STADIUM. Please come support me,” she wrote.

Fans took to the comments section to show love to her.
 “You don’t really need to explain yourself you are a human being too with a bit of mistakes there and there and they can be fixed so we continue supporting you  you are a queen …Your music is just out this world whole mood.”
“I’ve been telling them it’s all lies…nna I saw u face to face by the boarder ystdy whn u were from SA…I even told u not to jump the que and u went behind me…we were closed outside by Botswana immigration bare nako e chaile…No storms formed against u shall prosper…dont let pple bring u down trust the Lord Lord ngwna wa batho.”
“Uhu I was so heartbroken when I saw a post saying that you will stop performing in Botswana because of the arrest but Batswana loves you and ever let the devil to stand on you way.”
“Arrest does not mean you have to be dragged and pushed, even a mere word that you are under arrest is an arrest… Any way we love you just keep entertaining us we were just worried about Giyani family day coz without you it cannot do.”