Mampintsha Alleged Side Chicks Come Out to Grieve His Death

Mampintsha Alleged Side Chicks Come Out to Grieve His Death.

His purported side chicks have reportedly appeared to grieve his death after he suffered a stroke. A few days after the Big Nuz member’s death was verified, videos of his supposed girlfriends appeared on social media.

Social media users responded to the videos in a variety of ways, with some criticizing Mampintsha for cheating on his wife Babes Wodumo.

The claimed girlfriends of Mampintsha are also lamenting his passing. A few days after the Kwaito hero passed away, videos of the side girls started to circulate on social media.

The member of Big NUZ passed away due to a stroke. He experienced a stroke while he was leaving a performance and was taken to the hospital. Despite being hospitalized, he sadly passed away.

On Twitter, a user of social media shared footage of Mpintsho’s side dishes conveying their condolences and memories of Mampintsha.

Watch the video below

Here are some of the comments;

“Mampintsha’s side chicks are so disrespectful. If Mampintsha decided to hide them while still alive, there was no need for them to come out now after his death. They should’ve mourned him in private, without disrespecting Babes. Such a disgusting behavior from women nogal nxa”

“Some think by disrespecting Mampintsha they are doing Babes Wodumo a favour, whereas it just show how vile and evil they are. There’s nothing to rejoice about in the death of Mandla Maphumulo, he was not a perfect man but he showed the world that he loves Babes.”

“Babes wodumo chose Mampintsha repeatedly,

Babes wodumo was by Mampintsha’s side till the end,

if you guys don’t see that Babes loved Mampintsha – I don’t know.

But all I know is Babes wodumo is far from free – she’s in pain at the moment.

Be gentle.”