Masechaba Khumalo heartfelt letter to her newborn

Masechaba Khumalo heartfelt letter to her newborn. She concealed her pregnancy until she was unable to hide the baby bump any longer. Masechaba Khumalo (39), a former radio host, musician, and spokeswoman for the Department of Sports, Arts, and Culture, announced the birth of her child and the expansion of her family.

The new mother took to social media to pen down a heartfelt letter to her newborn, Lukhanyo Lezizwe. “Dear Lukhanyo, Welcome to the world my son! Your dad and I are ecstatic that you are finally here. Although it’s been 2 weeks, it feels like two months as we’ve barely gotten any sleep!” she writes.

Masechaba Khumalo heartfelt letter to her newborn.

“I honestly don’t know how I would have coped if it were not for your dad. Steve Harvey says ‘There are fathers and there are daddies.’ Anyone can be a father, but you have a daddy. With the exception of the nurse who gave you your first bath at the hospital while your daddy proudly observed, your dad is the only person who has bathed you since you were born,” she says. “It’s become your daddy-baby bonding time in the evenings. It gives me so much joy to just relax and watch him render such a powerful act of service to you. I’m in awe every single day.”

She continues by saying that she knew she wanted to breastfeed before her son was born. “I even dreamt about it! As ambitious as that plan initially seemed, I wanted the best for you, and I was determined to make it work,” she says. “The first few days were tough, and we had to top up with formula. Your dad encouraged me every day and he believed in what I was trying to do, even during that initial period when my milk was not sufficient for you. Your dad never stopped believing & instead encouraged and even assisted me to latch you on my breast before your bottle feeds. With each passing day, the top-ups became less frequent and smaller in quantity and eventually, we abandoned the formula altogether.”

She says the only time he is not breastfeeding is when he is bathing or sleeping! “Uyalithanda ibele mntwana-bantu! And we love it for you! So much so, that we have fully embraced waking up at Ungodly hours to feed you. I say ‘we’ because your daddy is right there in the trenches with me at 2 am when I am up for feeds. Either passing the wet wipes while we change your nappy or holding up the cell phone flashlight so we can see during loadshedding,” she says.

She adds how his siblings adore him. “They say a mother is a man’s first love, so this is my very first love letter to you and the first of many to come. I love you, son. Your brothers adore you. Thank you for inspiring the best version of me. Happy earth coming Lukhanyo Lezizwe.”