Master KG Denies Being Queen Lolly’s Baby Daddy

Master KG Denies Being Queen Lolly’s Baby Daddy. Master KG is the latest ‘so-called’ ex to respond to Queen Lolly’s claims of a past affair. The Jerusalema hitmaker also denied Lolly’s assertions that he is her baby daddy.

Master KG Denies Being Queen Lolly’s Baby Daddy.

This comes after the contentious vocalist opened up about her purported ex-boyfriends on the podcast Omakhwapheni.

Another of Lolly’s purported many lovers has since stepped forward to deny her claims that they were their side chicks.

In addition to denying having ever had sex with Queen Lolly, Musa Mseleku’s attorneys have also served her with a stop and desist letter.

The court ordered Queen Lolly, actual name Nomfundo Shezi, to remove all negative comments made about Mseleku on social media.

Master KG has now formally denied paternity of Lolly’s child, despite Lolly’s claims that he fathered her offspring twice and caused her to miscarry once.

Not only that, he went on to say that people will do and say anything just to trend. “This is not my baby mama. I don’t have a child with his person mxm people say whatever for anything that will make them get headlines.”

Iyo, just some background on this: during her interview, Lolly said that Master KG had recommended her to have an abortion before she miscarried as a result of stress.

Lolly says that after KG assisted her with a track for one of her songs, she started sleeping with him.

Lolly claims to have been Big Zulu’s sidekick, the best boyfriend she’s ever had, as well as the late rapper AKA. To top it all off, she also allegedly had a relationship with Musa Mseleku.