Minnie Dlamini gushes over Liesl and Musa’s marriage
Photo/ Instagram

Minnie Dlamini gushes over Liesl and Musa’s marriage.

The TV personality recently gushed over their love life, as the couple shared their photos on Instagram.

Despite her and her ex-husband Quinton Jones’ divorce, Minnie has previously shown an interest in their love story and seems to want to have a similar love journey.


In a recent post on Instagram, Dr Musa expressed his love to his beautiful wife, Liesl. He wrote ‘I personally have no fashion sense, but my work is beautiful. Pictured here, along her gorgeous and sexy stylist, @liesllaurie is seen wearing a @anelbothac red dress thingymajig. Made out of satin mined in the champagne region of France, this dress was everything and more. The model, @liesllaurie is said to be married to a humble and young man from the Vaal. Personally, he should be a model but he already has too many career paths. He also doesn’t like attention and prefers life behind the scenes.’

The couple tied the knot in a lavish ceremony earlier this year. After their nuptials, the couple, does not shy away from expressing their love towards one another. Especially, Dr Musa!

This article is a part of Dr. Musa’s wife’s recent outpouring of support on social media. Sadly, not everyone finds his online public affection for Liesl endearing. Some vicious trolls have attacked the couple!

The sure sign of a man’s strength is how gently he loves his wife.

Dr Musa is setting a great example for young black love. Love that doesn’t have many examples of the joys of companionship in marriage.

Let him love her loudly. You’ll understand him once you find ur soul mate.