Missing Person Recovered at a Mortuary in KZN

Missing Person Recovered at a Mortuary in KZN.

After being missing 22 days ago, Poovalingam Maduramuthoo, 54, popularly known as Nolan, was found at a Port Shepstone Government Mortuary.

After three weeks of fruitless searching, the Maduramuthoo family phoned Response Unit South Africa (RUSA) yesterday morning at approximately 09:53 to ask for help in finding him.

“A missing person post was thereafter circulated on this Facebook Page. At approximately 16:16 the same afternoon, RUSA received a call from a businesswoman from Margate – KZN confirming that the man in the missing person’s post was seen at a clothing store in the area two days after he disappeared.”

She told RUSA that he appeared disoriented and requested a Castle Milk Stout beer.

“The caller informed a Reaction Officer that she received information that the male died of natural causes near Zuri Beach Club the day after she had spotted him.

The Reaction Officer made several telephonic enquiries with the Margate SAPS and Law Enforcement in the area. It was confirmed that the body of an unidentified Indian male was located on 28/01/2023,” the report read.

“Pictures of Maduramuthoo and the clothing he wore on the day of his disappearance were sent via WhatsApp to the caller and Law Enforcement Officers. The Reaction Officer also enquired with his family if Maduramuthoo consumed alcohol. They stated that Castle Milk Stout was his drink of choice.

His brother travelled to the Port Shepstone Government Mortuary this morning (Friday) and confirmed that the unknown male was Maduramuthoo,” the RUSA report further stated.

The South African government advises reporting a missing person to the police as soon as you become aware of their disappearance. You don’t have to wait for twenty-four hours.

To report a missing individual, you can call the Bureau for Missing People or go to the local police station and do so as quickly as possible.