Moonchild Sanelly shares a daring Christmas B00Bs Picture

Moonchild Sanelly shares a daring Christmas B00Bs Picture. The stunning singer posted a daring photo on Instagram that had all of her fans talking. Yes, it involves n#dity, and we already know she enjoys flaunting her assets.

Moonchild Sanelly shares a daring Christmas B00Bs Picture

Moonchild Sanelly shared this picture below and had this to say – Ho Ho Ho …Merry Xmas Eveboobeams 💙💙💙 What pressure are u under for Xmas? For me it’s cooking coz I don’t have black tax and I’m not a cook 🫣💯

One thing imperative is to OWN THAT DAMN BODY!!! Tummy by @drcathysa 👌🏾💙💐 📸 by Moonchild Sanelly

“I wonder what Santa will say about this picture because it’s definitely on the naughty side… She is surely on the naughty list but her fans don’t really mind that one bit! Praises and hearts were flying as fans praised her and some were saying comments like – Body goal, so gorgeous 🔥❤️…”

We thought it would be fun to share additional images of the gorgeous, voluptuous vocalist in the spirit of the holiday season.

A South African musician and dancer, Sanelisiwe Twisha, also known as Moonchild Sanelly, was born on November 20, 1987. She is well-known for both her self-invented musical subgenre, “Future ghetto punk,” and her distinctive blue hair color. However, we have come to adore her dancing as well and can’t get enough of her.

Meanwhile, Moonchild Sanelly shocked many after revealing that she is now transracial and calls herself Indian, Sanelly stunned many people.

Transracial individuals identify with a different race than the one they were racially categorized with at birth. They must change their looks to look more like that race, and they may engage in behaviors that are specific to that race.

The artist has made the same declaration as influencer Oli London, a British-born person who now identifies as transracial Korean.

London revealed in June of last year that they had undergone a series of operations to more closely resemble Jimin, a member of the K-pop group, to move between races and cultures.