Mr Brown SA Responds To Reports Of Being Deported back to Zimbabwe

Mr Brown SA Responds To Reports Of Being Deported back to Zimbabwe. Lynol Siwela, better known by his stage as Mr. Brown, responds to rumors that he would be deported back to Zimbabwe. This is in response to reports that Mr. Brown may have overstayed his welcome in the nation without proper documentation.

Singer Makhadzi and her previous record company Open Mic are at odds. More information about the MaGear hitmaker’s music producer is currently circulating on social media.

According to reports, Mr. Brown was sent back home because he lacked the necessary visas to be there. Despite the fact that Mr. Brown is a South African artist who was born in Zimbabwe, the allegations around his deportation are currently trending on social media.

“BREAKING NEWS: “Home Affairs sends Makhadzi’s producer back to Zimbabwe for overstaying his staying.” Makhadzi is one of the people who is loved and supported by her own people, however, she chose to hire an illegal Zimbabwean foreigner as a producer.” wrote PSAFLIVE

Numerous social media users shared their thoughts and ideas in response to Mr. Brown’s assertions that he was deported back to Zimbabwe. Since then, the artist has denied the accusations and urged people to pay attention to the many grave social problems that are currently plaguing the nation.

“It’s disheartening to see people focus on my life when there are others out there struggling to even put food on the table. Let’s shift our attention towards helping those in need and making a positive impact in their lives.” wrote Mr Brown

If, of course, the reports regarding Mr. Brown are accurate, Open Mic is already receiving the bombastic side eye. Twitter users already believe that the record company is responsible for these allegations. Since Mr. Brown responded to the accusations, the majority of Twitter users have gone to his defense.

“This is soo backward in arts there are no borders thats why collaborations are vast internationally and those beats are for everynone just like we like Rihanna Jay Zee the list is long” wrote Mkhululi Dube

“Being illegal and being deported from here is not the end of the world. Remember the guy has a skill, he can still use it anywhere else and make money. It’s not like having this ID is an achievement. Some have IDs but have typing skills on Twitter only.” wrote Xolani