Mrs. Mops throws a R250 000 kiddies party on her new reality TV gig!

Mrs. Mops throws a R250 000 kiddies party on her new reality TV gig. She was verbally abused by Brinette Seopela during the reunion, calling her a cheater, and she left season two of The Real Housewives Of Johannesburg with a bad taste in her mouth.

The reality celebrity Mpumi Mpophatlane, often known as Mrs. Mops, was accused of cheating on her husband, the successful IT entrepreneur Lenamile Isaac Mophatlane. She refuted the claims and referred to everything as “malicious and spiteful.” She landed a few acting jobs here and there after permanently leaving the program. The Mommy Club, a new reality television show that debuts on June 27, 2023, will feature Mrs. Mops once again.

Nunurai, Ratile Mabitsela, Her Majesty, Ms. Manche, and Mrs. Mops all join the cast. These five “It moms” control their castles with the assistance of 13 nannies, as the magnificent moms spare no expense. There are different levels for everything in the City of Gold. As they manage the difficulties of motherhood and the competitive “It mom” world, Mrs. Mops and her five glitzy Jozi mom influencers are no different from other moms.

Recently, Mrs. Mops celebrated her one-year-old child’s first birthday with an R250 000 party. The housewife had a baby following season two of #RHOJ in secret. At the celebration, new moms get to know one another.

“My nanny is everything to me and my kids,” says Mrs Mops. “She is very loyal, loves children, and takes care of them like her own. She is a great person and a second mother to my children.” Her nanny, Manche Thema aims to please. “My job is to look after the kids and it has been amazing. They are very polite and they listen to instructions. Even though they are privileged, they are humane,” she says. “Looking after them and seeing them grow brings me so much joy. I am fortunate to work with such a good family because I know other nannies and their situations are not as pleasant as mine