Murdah Bongz pays tribute to AKA leaves Mzansi talking

Murdah Bongz pays tribute to AKA leaves Mzansi talking.

Murdah Bongz, DJ Zinhle’s husband, and Kairo’s stepfather pay respect to AKA. Murdah posted a lengthy note on his Instagram timeline about how much he will miss AKA and how he has taught him a lot.

Murdah Bongz pays tribute to AKA leaves Mzansi talking

AKA and his close buddy Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane were were murdered last Friday night in a suspected hit outside the Wish On Florida restaurant on Durban’s Florida Road.

Cultural customs prevented Murdah Bongz from attending AKA’s funeral. AKA’s family didn’t want Murdah to attend their son’s funeral, a close insider said. Even though Murdah was unable to attend his funeral, he nevertheless paid tribute online.

Taking to Instagram Murdah Bongz wrote:

Dear Kiernan, I took a little longer than I had to write this, but to be honest, I didn’t know what to say. As a fellow musician, thank you bro, thank you for inspiring all of us to do better, thank you for always proving your love for music in the quality of music you created. Your catalogue will be one of the greatest catalogues of all time. As a man, I learned something very important from you, know your worth; no matter what happens in your life always know your worth… as a father, you were amazing, you did it all for Kairo and that shows in the love she has inside of her. Your legacy will live on, may you rest well with the many legends we look up to.

Till we meet again, Dad Motion.

Mzansi reacts to Murdah Bongz paying tribute to AKA

Several revelations about Murdah honoring AKA have been made in Mzansi. Some claim that Zinhle compelled him to write it, while others claim that he is a mature guy who prefers peace to war.

Murdah Bongz pays tribute to AKA leaves Mzansi talking