Choice Kate Mathebula beat me..." - SK Khoza accuses fiancé of physical abuse in England

SK Khoza accuses fiance of physical abuse in England. For the past few years, actor Sthembiso “SK” Khoza has managed to trend for anything other than his acting. This comes after Gogo Maweni, the mother of his first child, criticized him for being a deadbeat.

However, it appears that the actor has had the most hardships since his time on Black Door. His fiancée, Choice Kate Mathebula, was involved in this instance. The fact that the actor is currently hospitalized suggests that there is trouble in paradise.

SK Khoza accuses fiance of physical abuse in England

Sk Khoza denounced his fiance for allegedly beating him physically on Instagram Live. The actor quickly went on and  explained:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I know I have not been live in over… a very long time. But looking at me smiling right now, I’m currently in England, and my fiance almost killed me…”

After naming and shaming his fiance, SK turned to his attending officer who had taken him to Norridge Hospital and said:

“To the women who physically abuse men out there, I’m done keeping quiet so I’m outchea talking. So yeah I’m talking, yeah, I said- Choice Kate Mathebula beat me to… jeep… You, I got injuries all over my body right now.”

Then SK expresses his desire for his mother to be present so she could “deal” with Cate herself as opposed to turning her over to the police. He continues by outlining the details of the abuse that put him in the hospital.

Although he did not say what caused the fight, he did say, “Yeah from spatula, to -tin opener, to umese (knife)… I’m currently lying in an English hospital.

Then, his attending officer clarified that no arrest had been made as of yet because Cate had not been discovered at their residence. As a result, he shares how he managed to escape the physical altercation:

“Please do not call it a physical fight, I was beaten, right? (This is as he breaks away to confirm with the attending officer). A fight is when you fight back…

He also made it plain that he intends to be single forever and that he wants to blast his fiancee. He then went on to describe how he left the situation, first expressing his confusion as to why he did not leave when things became hot, and then adding:

“Eventually, I crawled my way out of the house… Yah, eventually, I crawled myself out of the house, and I got into the car and I switched on the heater. And I just sat and waited for the police to arrive…”

According to SK, the live stream was made at 2:00 in the morning, which corresponds to 3:00 local time. So it appeared that he was unable to get in touch with his mother or his immediate family. He also makes it obvious that he wants to draw attention to the prevalence of male physical abuse.