In Pictures: Mzansi celebs who committed or attempted suicide
From left Nichume Siwundla, Patrick Shai and Gigi Lamayne. Image Credit: Instagram

In Pictures: Mzansi celebs who committed or attempted suicide

Often, we have the assumptions that celebrities live perfect lives. For an ordinary person, fame and money guarantee happiness but, that’s not always the case. Celebrities are humans just like us, and the difference is social status. They face problems, have mental breakdowns, struggle financially, and battle with depression.

1. HP Rapper

He was found dead at his Johannesburg home on October 24, 2018. When he tried to take his own life for the fourth time in 2015, Celeb Gossip says that he took his own life.

Mzansi Celebrities Who Committed SuiCide

In a 2016 interview, Tsambo said that he was depressed because of his poor career.

2. Shoki Mokgapa(Actress)

MLA, the agency that represented award-winning actress Shoki Mokgapa, said in a public statement that the celebrity took her own life after “a long battle with mental depression and anxiety.”

Mzansi Celebrities Who Committed SuiCide

3. Nichume Siwundla (Musician)

Nichume Siwundla

After an apparent suicide yesterday, the King William’s Town beauty was found at a friend’s house. Her record label Top Chap Media said in a statement on Friday.

Mobi Dixon, Siwundla’s teacher, said he was sad when she died.

4. Maseko, Khensani, and others (Activist)

People in South Africa are angry about the death of a 23-year-old student two months after she said she was ra-ped.

An official statement from Rhodes University says that a student named Khensani Maseko says she was ra-ped by another student in May, when she was a student there.

5. Ceagan and Arendse (Actor)

Ceagan Arendse was best known for his role as Woelag in the South African soap opera Arendsvlei. At the time, he was 34.

Ceagan’s family said in a statement to Channel24 that he took his own life. “Unfortunately, Ceagan lost his fight with despair and took his own life as a result of the disorder.”

6. Christopher Kubheka (Actor)

People in South Africa loved Christopher Kubheka, also known as the “Yizo Yizo Gunman.”

He was a great entertainer. His acting skills were clear.


Christopher tried to kill himself at his home in Soshanguve, South Africa, in 2017. He died as a result.

7. Thapelo Lehuleri (DJ)

It is not known how Kruger died. At the time of her death, she was said to have been in the hospital because of her depression.

She goes to the hospital twice a week since December. When she was depressed on December 15, she said that she even thought that she should be buried.

8.Jabulani Tsambo, also known as Hip Hop Pantsula or HHP for short.

HHP was born on the 19th of September 1980 and committed suicide on the 24th of October in 2018, when he was 38 years old. He was a rapper who had numerous hits like Bosso and Music and Lights. Before his death, he was battling depression and widely spoke about it. When he took his life, it was the first time he succeeded after failing on previous attempts.

9.Nichume Siwundla

Nichume Siwundla was a rising house vocalist who had her biggest breakthrough in music. She took her life on the 6th of June in 2019. Her death was sudden, but her family said financial constraints drove her suicide.

10.Patrick Shai

Patrick Shai, a veteran South African actor, committed suicide on the 22nd of January 2022 at his home. Reasons for him taking his life have not been shared but, there is a wide depression rumour going around.

Patrick Shai
Patrick Shai: Image Credit @Instagram

11.Gigi Lamayne’s failed suicide attempt.

On the 3rd of November 2018, Genesis Gabrielle Tina Manney, mostly known by her stage name Gigi Lamayne tweeted a cryptic tweet. On the tweet, she wrote, “7 July 1994 – 3 November 2018.” Those are her date of birth and the day she attempted to end her life. She, fortunately, failed and had an extended hospital stay after that.

Gigi Lamayne's failed suicide attempt
Gigi Lamayne. Image Credit: Instagram/Gigi Lamayne

12.Mihlali Ndamase’s semicolon tattoo

A lot of people have the semicolon tattoo. It represents the understanding of mental health issues, suicide to be specific. This is a very close subject for Mihlali as her father took his own life.

Times like these shocked the masses as people remember that; depression is natural and doesn’t discriminate. Getting help early can save your life.

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