In most cases HIV signs and symptoms at an early stage are unnoticeable in men.This is the same case for women.In early stages mostly the body can withstand the virus and hence no signs can be noticed.

But with time the body would develop new Signs in men.Unexplained weight loss would be experienced.You will find that a man can have his weight decline by over 5 kilograms.This is alarming but it’s among the first sign of HIV.

Fever associated with sweating in the night starts developing.This does not end but remains a continuous condition.You will find a man going to bed tired and waking up tired.

Skin rashes and swelling of armpits and legs is another sign you should note.Red lips too counts.One will also experience a continuous diarrhoea for more than one week.Depression associated with this condition will take over and may result to frequent memory loss to a person.

One should also note that all these signs are not fixed to HIV alone but can also be signs of other diseases.Before you conclude that a person is HIV positive make tests first.Signs and symptoms of HIV vary from one person to another.

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