Nonku Williams drags ex boyfriend to court

Nonku Williams drags ex boyfriend to court. Nonku Williams, a household favorite in Mzansi, is taking her ex to court.

Dumisani Ndlazi, her ex-boyfriend, defrauded her of millions of dollars, and now she is suing him.

According to afromambo, Nonku and her ex-convict boyfriend split up approximately two months ago as a result of his shady behavior.

A source close to afromambo says the heartbroken Nonku is still recovering from her trauma

“She is hurt both financially and emotionally after what he did to her,” a source divulges.

According to a source, Nonku was overcome by love and was unaware that her partner was a wolf hiding under a sheep’s coat. A month or two into their relationship, the source claims that Nonku got overly trusting and even made her ex a partner in one of her important businesses.

Nonku Williams drags ex boyfriend to court

According to a source familiar with the events, Nonku was unaware that her “man” was not who he claimed to be. According to the source, while she was running her other business, going to social events, and working as a social media influencer, her ex was running his own construction company and making poor business decisions.

Nonku Williams drags ex boyfriend to court

“She had nothing to worry about and trusted her man besides he had promised to marry her after all,” the source whispers.

Little did Nonku know that he was up to no good.

In order to obtain building materials on credit, the source claims that Nonku even referred her ex to her company’s suppliers.

“When you are in a construction business, it is normal to have an account at building warehouse where you can arrange to pay as soon as clients pay back. She also found out that he took building material costing over a million and now she has to pay for it ,” says the source, adding that Ndlazi has left Nonku in serious debt.

Additionally, it is asserted that Ndlazi allegedly began playing disappearance games as soon as one of the projects received payment.

“When both business partners were supposed to share their dividends, Ndlazi snubbed Nonku,” adds another source.

He decided to continue building his house in Richard’s Bay instead of giving his girlfriend a portion of the profits.

“He did this without consulting her that he will keep the whole loot to himself.

Nonku is acting all strong in front of her housemates, and yet she is boiling inside from being hoodwinked by someone she loves. She even lost important relationships because of this man,” the source says, adding, “She put a stranger in her home and exposed her kids and also put this guy deep in her pockets.”

Nonku Williams is now suing her ex. According to the source, she has been in contact with her attorneys since she won’t let this man con her.

“Nonku is going take this guy to the cleaners. She might be hurt now but she will definitely deal with him legally, ” adds the source. Nonku declined to comment citing it’s a court matter.