Nota Baloyi blasts Mihlali Ndamase for claiming she does not know him

Nota Baloyi blasts Mihlali Ndamase for claiming she does not know him. Mihlali Ndamase, a maker of Mzansi content, has once again caught Nota’s attention after appearing on L-Tido’s show and declaring that she is unfamiliar with Nota.

Nota Baloyi, a self-described music executive and producer, got under Mihlali’s skin by making a number of offensive remarks about her. He essentially assaulted her by focusing on the way of life she led.

These comments triggered his ex-wife Berita who announced that they had broken up and even apologized to Mihlali.

Nota Baloyi blasts Mihlali Ndamase

On L-Tido’s podcast, Mihlali has since pretended to be unaware of Nota’s existence. Mihlali replied when L-Tido inquired about an incident involving the two of them. “Who’s that, who’s NOTA, udume ngani?.”

Nota clapped back and said border patrol knows who he is, but they do not know who Mihlali is.

In the interview, Mihlali even spoke about her relationship with married man Leeroy Sidambe.

“Well, I mean because obviously he is not divorced, like, legally… But- Yes, it’s a long process (speaking on the divorce proceedings), and I mean, we’ve seen celebrities go through… We’ve seen people who are- have filed for divorce or whatever, who do move on with their lives or get into relationships or whatever. That’s the situation my partner and I are in…” she said.

Nota then continued his attacks on Mihlali and said some pretty vile things about her and Leeroy.

“After seeing the effects of not having a father figure, on her life, Mihlali is determined to ensure Leeroy’s children suffer the same fate… Heartbreaking, she’s in denial & her fraud therapist didn’t condemn her mother for raising her to self destruct. Black mothers are evil!🤬” He tweeted

“I will save Mihlali from the devil of daddy issues, as a way to influence black women to respect & appreciate black fathers, otherwise we’re doomed… Please pray for her. If this was the bible, I’d be Jesus Christ & she’d be Mary Magdalene in the book of Luke. His word guides me!

I’m the father figure that Mihlali never had, how’s she gonna act like she don’t whose her Dad? On the podcast whyling out like Doja cat? I’ll have her it for a chat!” He continued

Mihlali Ndamase has always faced being bullied online. It’s not the first time and won’t be the last, but one thing That’s clear she’s gonna run these streets.