Nota speaks on his suspension on Twitter.
Nota Baloyi suspended on Twitter

Nota speaks on his suspension on Twitter.

On Twitter, Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi was a danger. The former music executive and presumed manager of Hip-Hop legend Kwesta has been a notorious Twitter handle for more than two years and is most known for his divisive rants.

Nobody was spared in the tweets. Whether it was Kwesta, his former companion and business partner. Other ZAlebs that he has attacked include Black Coffee, Cassper Nyovest, AKA, Stogie T, Silkour, or more recently, when he started attacking JMPD officers, Mihlali Ndamase or his own estranged wife, Berita.

That his Twitter account was eventually suspended, much to the relief of many on the blue app, is not surprising.

Nota speaks on his suspension on Twitter.

Nota’s Twitter account was formally suspended on Tuesday, December 27, 2022. Many people believe that the suspension came as a result of several complaints that were made over the year. However, Ntsiki Mazwai, a fellow Twitter user and poet, was more than happy to claim credit for it.

Following the end of their public support for one another, Nota and Ntsiki haven’t engaged in a full-on Twitter back and forth in months. As a result, Ntsiki Mazwai recently claimed that she does not have mental health difficulties like Nota in order to express how offended she is at being compared to him on the blue app.

It appears that Nota took offense to Mazwai in a similar way and spent the day berating Mazwai for his filth. As a result, Mazwai persuaded her followers to report Nota’s account, which she thinks is what ultimately led to the app suspending him. Mazwai triumphed, and to mark the occasion, she changed the notification’s profile image.

It’s also possible that Elon Musk made the decision to suspend Nota’s account. This is because Nota was beginning to lean toward stalking Musk on the app to get his attention, much like he had done with Kanye West on Twitter before.

It’s interesting to note that Nota demonstrated why it’s important to consider his mental health after his suspension. After attempting to have his Twitter account reopened, he used his Instagram account to claim that he previously knew his account would be suspended by citing Andrew Tate.

Additionally, in light of Nota’s allegation regarding his divorced wife. It doesn’t matter if he describes her as homeless, impoverished, or denies the separation rumors, as evidenced by his most recent podcast appearance with BYO Podcast. This is because Nota implied that by refusing to consent to the separation or sign the paperwork, he was “punishing” Berita.

Twitter users are concerned that Nota would take harsh action against his divorced wife. More so because he is unable to express himself and communicate his many thoughts and feelings on the blue app. Since it was implied that Nota’s Twitter antics were done for show, it is presumed that his irritation at being unable to do so will lead him to take additional steps to become popular.