Nota’s ex Berita says she left the country because he was abusive

Nota’s ex Berita says she left the country because he was abusive.

Nota Baloyi, a former music producer, has been ranting nonstop on social media for many months. The contentious executive has established himself as one of the nation’s most vocal Twitter users. Nota developed strong opinions after divorcing his wife Berita, specifically concerning black women and why they shouldn’t be trusted.

Berita maintained her cool and kept quiet during this time. And now that she has spoken up, we can hear her version of the story.

Berita speaks up about Nota’s alleged abuse

Troublemaker Nota Baloyi is well-known. With his divisive views and opinions, the erstwhile manager of the musical sensation Kwesta frequently stirs up controversy.

After posting numerous tweets about the state of his and his wife Berita’s relationship last year, Nota made it obvious that they were experiencing something. It became quickly apparent that Berita had had enough and had abandoned him.

The afro-soul singer claims that Nota has harassed not only her but also her family and acquaintances.

Berita revealed during an interview with Dineo Ranaka and Sol Phenduka of Kaya FM that Nota’s abusive behavior even forced her to leave the nation.

“He was harassing me privately, harassing my family and everyone else around me. I had to leave the country.”

Mzansi weighs in

Many of those who had tuned in to hear the interview were happy to hear that Berita escaped from the abusive home.

Speaking about the shocking allegations made against Nota, @ThabaniGumede21 said :

“This isn’t shocking honestly. We all know what a menace Nota is. I’m just glad Berita saw him for what he is and left.”