Phil Mphela Slams An Ex Boyfriend For Damaging His Car

Phil Mphela Slams An Ex Boyfriend For Damaging His Car. Phil Mphela, an entertainment commentator, is suffering the most as a result of his friend wrecking his vehicle. This occurs after the two went out for an enjoyable night, and the next day, everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

Phil Mphela, who is well-known for his social media entertainment comments, is a skilled television presenter. And a handful of Mzansi celebrities’ friend.

Phil Mphela, who is upset, lashes out on social media at an ex-boyfriend who is now a friend for playing him a poor hand. Mphela describes how he and his buddy left the house, came back, and then everything fell apart.

“So this friend out of nowhere asks to come chill at my house. Great. He comes through we drink and go out. I come back drunk and pass out. Wake up the following day, he had taken my car, money and some alcohol from my house. Panic the whole morning because his phone is off” wrote Phil Mphela

When Mphela learned that his car was missing, he took an Uber to his friend’s house but encountered more difficulties than he had expected. When he arrived, he was completely taken aback to see his buddy unconscious and his car in bad shape.

I’m fuming. I’m embarrassed to call my babe. Eventually I Uber to this friend’s place. Get there, he is sleeping. My car is parked outside and dented. I’m angry but just … got my car & left. Been waiting for an apology or offer to pay to fix the car … DOLOLO!! wrote Phil Mphela

In  an effort to get his partner to lend him a shoulder to cry on. Phil Mphela describes how he encountered additional difficulties when his partner did not exclaim his delight at Mphela’s association with his ex-boyfriend.

I finally decide to confide in my boo about what happened and why I’m in a mood on a Saturday. This guy, instead of giving me some encouraging words & commiserate, he blames me for having my ex as a friend. Wtf?! Needless to say; friendships arent going well for me in 2023″ wrote Phil Mphela