Renowned radio host DJ Fresh welcomes his own podcast show

Renowned radio host DJ Fresh welcomes his own podcast show. DJ Fresh, a former radio presenter for Metro FM, is the latest member of the fastest-growing podcast community. His brand-new podcast, WAW! What Week with DJ Fresh, launched yesterday (24th February, 2023).

The well-known DJ has finally returned to the airwaves via a podcast after taking an extended break. His program will provide the news in a new way, free from bias or fear, just what the public needs.

“Popular media personality DJ Fresh takes up the microphone again with a weekly podcast airing today, 24th February, 2023. WAW! What a Week with DJ Fresh, is a fast-faced podcast wrapping up your week without fear or favor.” read the statement

With his new podcast, DJ Fresh vows to gain even more admirers and followers than he already has. He was without a question the most adored radio host, and his program attracted a larger audience. DJ Fresh had mentioned his intention to return to the airways during his appearance on Podcast and Chill with MacG.

The well-known DJ F is giving the people what they want. This is following requests for a podcast from his devoted followers, which will also unpack another layer to the DJ. Not only will this podcast reconnect the beloved DJ with his biggest followers, it will also draw in a new audience.” read the statement

He did, however, make a suggestion that some of the plans he was working on did not coincide with all of his plans for this year. He may have been alluding to his own podcasting adventure, which he may have already started.

My love for connecting with audience on various platforms goes beyond sharing information. I firmly believe that being able to impact someone’s life in a positive way is part of our journey. From music to conversation to just being, your words could save someone’ shared DJ Fresh

Yesterday’s debut performance was packed with audience members who had the once-in-a-lifetime chance to interact with guests like DJ Sbu, Oskido, and many others. WAW! Weekly podcast What a Week with DJ Fresh wraps up your week while treating listeners to a feast of noteworthy tales each week.

“The audience has a front row seat in conversation with DJ Sbu, Oskido, Eugene Khoza and Botsang Modimowane Moiloa as guests in the debut episode of WAW! What a Week with DJ Fresh” read the statement