Retired Journalist Jeremy Gordin Killed During Home Robbery

Retired Journalist Jeremy Gordin Killed During Home Robbery. Veteran journalist Jeremy Gordin was killed on Friday night at his Parkview, Johannesburg, home in what authorities are calling a “robbery gone wrong.”

Retired Journalist Jeremy Gordin Killed During Home Robbery

His wife Deborah verified that he was killed during a robbery to SurgeZirc SA.

According to Col. Mavela Masondo, a police spokesperson, a murder and home invasion robbery case has been started.

“No arrests have been made yet, but an investigation and manhunt for the suspects are underway”.

Gordin’s family was in Cape Town, according to information obtained by SurgeZirc SA, and they became worried when he didn’t reply to their texts on Friday night.

A acquaintance managed to enter Gordin’s locked-from-the-outside house and found that it had been ransacked and that his body had been covered.

His wife Deborah announced that she would be returning from Cape Town on Saturday night. She was unable to offer any additional details.

“As far as I understand, the only thing that was stolen was his car. I’ve had a brief conversation with the Colonel, and they were trying to get information about him, such as his ID,” she said.

The bulk of Saturday was spent by police cleaning up the scene and looking for leads.


Gordin authored Zuma: A Biography and served as an editor for The Star and The Sunday Independent. In recent years, he frequently wrote columns for Politicsweb.

In addition to attending Unisa and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Gordin was born in Pretoria in 1952. He started his journalism work in 1976.

Deborah, his wife, and their two kids, Jake and Nina, are left behind.