Senzo Meyiwa criticized for his behaviour towards women

Senzo Meyiwa criticized for his behaviour towards women. This week saw the start of the trial for Senzo Meyiwa, a well-known soccer player who was killed in 2014. The trial has sparked a lot of conversation on social media. The well-known singer Kelly Khumalo’s sister, Zandie Khumalo, gave testimony in court. Regarding Meyiwa’s murder, her testimony generated more questions than it did answers.

After hearing Zandie detail the nature of Meyiwa’s relationship with her sister, many people accused him of betraying his wife, Mandisa Meyiwa, and ruining his own life.

Senzo Meyiwa was shot and died while visiting Kelly Khumalo, who was then his girlfriend, at her Vosloorus home almost ten years ago.

Senzo Meyiwa criticized for his behaviour towards women

Outrage erupted across South Africa following Meyiwa’s passing as he was the goalkeeper for Orlando Pirates. Despite this, it took until 2020—six years after his passing—before the murderers were arrested.

Zandile Khumalo’s testimony in court caused her to become a trend on social media this week as the protracted trial proceeded.

As locals discussed Meyiwa’s love life and cheating scandals, he became a trending topic as well. One guy in particular held the soccer player accountable for his passing.

According to the tweep, he could have saved himself by staying faithful to his wife and keeping away from the Khumalo sisters.

“Unpopular opinion: He did this to himself. Imoto ilandelwa luthuli lwayo. If this womanizer had stayed in his marital home, this would not be happening right now. He would have died in a more dignified manner. With that said, I’m heartbroken for his family, especially his mom,” wrote @Kolie_Yola.

Mzansi Reacts

“Had he been home with his family, we wouldn’t be here….but nooo!! We are here because he had a zipper issue!!” wrote one person while another added:

“His wife deserved better, he was out there living like a single guy.”