What people do in the comfort of their bedroom is their business and should be nobody’s concern but you lose that privilege the moment you are a celebrity. Already at the age of 31, Kim has had a veritable revolving door of men in her life, and has an extensive history of cheating on the men with whom she is involved.

Kim Kardashian-Shocking:- SEE FULL List of 15 Male Celebs Kim Kardashian Has Slept With
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GETTY:Kim with one of her ex bf’s Michael Copon

We even heard a doctor predicted that delivering a baby for her will be painless due to the fact that down there is already WIDE.
Below is a list of the male celebrities that Kim has been busy with since 1994:
  1. TJ Jackson (1994-1998)
  2. Damon Thomas (2000-2004)
  3. Julian St. Jox (2001 during her marriage to Damon)
  4. Ray J (2002-2003 + they made a Compromising Video and it was during her marriage to Damon)
  5. Nick Lachey (2006)
  6. Reggie Bush (2006 during her relationship with Ray J)
  7. Fonzworth Bentley (2006-February 2007)
  8. Evan Ross (May 2007)
  9. Christiano Ronaldo (April 2010)
  10. Shengo Deane (April 2010)
  11. Miles Austin (June 2010)
  12. Michael Copon (October 2010)
  13. Jon Mayer (October 2010)
  14. Gabriel Aubrey (November 2010)
  15. Kris Humphries (2010-2013)
Kanye West (2007-present), had a thing with him on and off during her time with Reggie and Kris) The list doesn’t just end there, the likes of 50cent, The Game, Brett Lockett, Scot Storch are included but with no specific dates.
If this list which was released on an urban site is true then it has put to rest that Ray J didn’t hit it first. I can only wonder how many non-celebrities will be on the list if that is to be compiled as well.
By the way, do you think this list will end with Kanye West?
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