SK Khoza HIV Status Revealed?

SK Khoza HIV Status Revealed? The year 2022 for SK Khoza was among the most turbulent that any ZAleb could experience. Everyone was concerned when the well-known actor had a public breakdown during that year. Not to mention that his purportedly explicit adult video was made public.

He did, however, continue to be successful as a performer. Regardless of whether it was his return to The Queen, his inclusion in the Kings of Johannesburg cast, or his seductive part in Black Door. But as it appears he was focusing on improving himself and his mental health in 2023, he has not garnered many headlines.

However, it appears that his prior connection with sangoma Gogo Maweni has put him in trouble once more.

SK Khoza HIV Status Revealed?

SK Khoza HIV Status Revealed?

The continuing social media exchange between sangomas Gogo Maweni and Gogo Skhotheni has dominated headlines in the entertainment news for the past few days. Musa Khawula, a controversial entertainment commentator, got caught up in the turmoil because it appeared that he was backing Gogo Maweni.

Musa’s disclosure of some of their private WhatsApp conversations, however, makes it seem as though their friendship might be short-lived. The discussion in the message board concerned rumors that SK Khoza may be HIV positive and Gogo Maweni’s warning to an unnamed lady who was trying to sleep with him about his status.

Although the allegations may have been unfounded at the time, it appears that Gogo Maweni may have supported them when she accused Musa of using their private messages for content in an effort to expose him. This happened as she criticized Musa for using their private conversation as content in the comments part of his post, which has since been removed.

However, given that he hasn’t taken down the post, Musa appears unmoved and unconcerned about his new friendship with Gogo Maweni. a position that is unconstitutional in theory. This is because it is forbidden by South Africa’s privacy laws to disclose another person’s status without that person’s knowledge or permission.

Musa has, however, been prepared to break the law in the past in order to get a scoop. The first instance was the p*rn film made in retaliation for Lulo Cafe.